June 18, 2008

Dontcha "Wish" you had mad rhymez like this?

VMB Wishy-Wish has submitted the first official entry to our blog! She's written another song for the VMBs, and the girl has mad crazy flow. With these sic rhymez and all the bling she's flashing in her gangsta pic, I'm starting to wonder if she's actually "straight outta Compton" and not Cairo. Check it:

Since we are all GANGSTA BITCHEZ here yo, I think we need anotha song and it goes a little somethin' like this...hit it...
Hitting the needles, taking the pills, careful with the piss cup make sho it don’t spill.
I ain't got no babies, ain't got no kids but word up yo I got a reason to live.
It's infertility yo, come take a lick, and pray when you transfer them embabies stick!
Pimpin' ain't easy and neither is this
not another injection, damn I thought that was it!
If you are 2 week waitin I feel ya I do
Man this shizit sucks, I know you feel me boo.
Thugz and bitchez try to front all the time
saying "look at my little one isn't she fine"
I say "yeah she's ahwright", a little cute maybe too
But my day will come, sho nuff soon I know it too.
We are Vet Mafia Bloggers, infertiles hell yeah
Can I hear ya holla with me girl ... oh HELL YEAH!!!


Kara said...

That was great - I love it! Put a big fat smile on my face and made my swollen (from injections) belly jiggle from laughter!

Io said...

Oh.my.god. that is so freaking funny! Do it girl!

Morgan said...

You don't know me...I have to go through Nancy's blog to get to yours! I just had to say HOW funny..yo! :)

From Here To Maternity said...

OMG it's finally happened, we've gone ganzsta.

RM said...

LOL! I love the song, bitchezzz!

Hope2morrow said...

Thanks for the sweet coments, girl. I realized today that you were the one that actually started the Pink Rose Award. What a great idea! Thanks!

heavenlytini said...

OH HELL YEAH!!!!! i love that!!!

Anonymous said...

Kymberli -- Can you send me your email so I can plan a (hopefully) secret virtual shower for Antigone? I am at yummysushipajamas@gmail.com